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Rich Internet Application, RIA Development India

Rich Internet Applications (or, RIAs, in short) are, as per Adobe definition, applications which combine enhanced user interface with accessibility and use of web-based applications, functionality of desktop software and excellent multimedia, interactive communication. In contrast to the standard HTML applications RIAs will invest your enterprise with solutions which are:

  • Targeted - RIA software develop engaging user interfaces which will highlight you and your customers requirements. The application design is also accordingly optimized.
  • Responsive - By virtue of its superior and specific software complex processes have been simplified in RIAs. These applications save bandwidth and work much faster than conventional web applications.
  • Consistent - In sharp contrast to HTML applications where several pages have to be reloaded for completing an action RIAs enable transitions in a seamless and interactively controlled steps.
  • Intelligent - RIAs deliver to the users their exact requirements, thereby reducing the time, effort and the workload of the user for their targeted actions.

RIAs have been able to successfully eliminate sluggish HTML interactivity, retrieval and processing problems, data entering and feedback loops etc. due to their interactive, rich and intelligent interface.

RIAs have been able to eliminate many limitations of web applications like poor HTML interactivity, retrieval and processing problems, data entering and feedback loops etc. RIAs develop such feature as Pre-Fetched data, which anticipating user's request speed up the whole process of interactive response.

We at Web Software Outsourcing are engaged in Rich Internet Applications development through our superior design, development, analytics and delivery practices. We employ Ajax, WPF, Silverlight for RIA development. Web Software Outsourcing offers RIA development services including RIA solutions India giving the users an outstanding interactive web experience which help them in enhancing their business activities, in utilizing state-of-the-art technology and providing excellent services to their customers.

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