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Embedded Software Development Solutions India

Web Software Outsourcing provides embedded software development services by concentrating on integration, migration, developing and testing of embedded microprocessor software and systems used in widely varying applications like networking, wireless, consumer electronics, telecom, automotive, security systems, industrial automation, measuring equipment etc.

The embedded software market is extremely customized as individual manufacturer desires to create his own firmware, unique interface and set of applications for their devices whether they are a car multimedia system, a CNC laser cutter or a satellite receiver.

Web Software Outsourcing through its embedded software development enables its clients to have access to highly innovative and state-of-the-art technologies providing them with reliable hardware applications and solutions.

Web Software Outsourcing has developed customized embedded software solutions using the popular embedded processors, operating systems and microprocessors and offers services in the following design areas:

  • Embedded software application development and design
  • Firmware
  • Networking protocol
  • Operating system device driver design and implementation
  • Software testing
  • Board Support Packages (BSP), boot leader, diagnostic monitor programs
  • Modularity testing
  • Black box testing, white box testing

Web Software Outsourcing offers embedded system design by focusing on processor-independent and high level language in programming embedded systems.

Web Software Outsourcing offers expert and most reliable services in

  • Biometrics
  • Industrial automation
  • Medical and biotech
  • Networking and data communications
  • Printing
  • Security
  • Consumer electronics
  • Telecommunications

Web Software Outsourcing uses CAD engineering modeling, integration into Graphic User Interface (GUI), ergonomics testing and verification, design drafting in 2D and 3D in industrial and product design. In embedded systems and software application development it offers development of real time applications, implementation of industrial protocol, software development in mobile devices etc. In embedded hardware development it offers legacy hardware design, hardware development for digital and analog etc.

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